Protecting the riparian area the full length of Bull Creek and keeping Spicewood Springs Road west of 360 a "country in a city" corridor has been our goal since we started Bull Creek Foundation in 1994.
The one eyesore has long been a Junk Yard in the banks of the creek.
I have been working on the City and with its owner Roy Cavanaugh for at least 5 years to help facilitate an agreement so he can move his Junk Yard and commercial Glass Business off his property right on the banks of Bull Creek at 6308 Spicewood Springs Road and Yaupon, and let the City preserve it for water quality, riparian habitat and recreation..
We have had meetings at Roy's tract and at City hall with Parks, Watershed, Realty departments, Council staff, Mayor, consultants and lawyers during this time, and nothing of substance has emerged, primarily because the City doesn't understand the commercial value of Roy's current business and the commercial redevelopment potential.
In frustration Roy spend even more money and developed and got full City site plan approval in June 2013 for multi story self storage and dog grooming/kennel facilities, in order to give the City a more specific means of valuing the property.
Since that time City Staff has now told Roy that they need direction from City Council to do work on an agreement, even though previously they had attempted a few unsuccessful proposals. The Mayor even assigned an assistant of his to get engaged, but so far there has been no dialog with Roy.
The City has done many other agreements for land preservation. The City could offer Roy a combination of cash funds from Parks, Water Utility, Watershed departments, and they can grant Transfer of Development Rights (which allow developers needing more impervious cover in the desired development zones to purchase TDRs), and can offer a swap for City owned land, or possibly other measures.
Below is a current statement from Roy Cavanaugh. At the end he details the action that interested parties  can take immediately to urge the City to get moving on an agreement to allow the junk yard and glass business to be moved elsewhere over time.
Thanks for your help on this critical issue.

Skip Cameron, President
Bull Creek Foundation
8711 Bluegrass Dr.
Austin, TX 78759

(512) 794-0531

July 29, 2013

To: Neighborhood Association Officers, Interested Parties, and

I have been working for the past 8 years on a plan for my 6-acre tract on the Banks of Bull Creek at 6308 Spicewood Springs Road and Yaupon Dr. It houses Ace Auto Salvage and Discount Glass and Door.
I have owned and operated this successful  business for over 25 years, and it supports many members of my own family and over 20 long time employees and their families.

There are two options for this property that I have diligently pursued. The preferred one, based on input from the City, neighbors and Bull Creek Foundation,  is to reach an economic agreement with the City which would allow me to move my business elsewhere, removing all commercial uses. The other is to redevelop
the property, replacing the junkyard with another viable business to complement the existing glass business – mini storage and dog kennel/grooming.

Despite a lot of effort and expense on my part, I have been unsuccessful in getting the City Department leaders and City Council to reach an agreement that would allow me to move my businesses to another
location. Part of the City’s difficulty has been to fully understand the economic value of my land and business and come forth with an adequate proposal that would allow my businesses to survive and my family and employees with their jobs.

To assist the City better understand the commercial value, and to plan for a redevelopment should they not offer an acceptable agreement to me, I have spent more money and developed and received
City approval of a site plans in June 2013 for construction of dog kennel/grooming and mini storage facilities.

I have again tried to engage the City in substantive discussions on an agreement
that would allow me to transition my businesses elsewhere over a period of time. The Mayor assigned one of his assistants Andy Moorman to work with me on this last month. Despite numerous attempts by me, I have received zero communication from anyone in the City. With the City’s lack of interest, I have no recourse but to pursue my redevelopment plan. By August 29, 2013,I will have bids in hand and can commit to begin construction if the City will not agree in good faith to hammer out an Agreement so I can move.

As a lifelong resident and lover of Bull Creek, I have always preferred the move away option.
You as a stakeholder can lobby the City to achieve this by asking the City to produce a Development Agreement that will allow me to transition my businesses off my property over time.

Please send a message to City Council. Ask them to “Please pass a resolution on or before 8/29/13 directing City staff to finalize a Development Agreement under Section 212 of the State Code by 11/21/13 that provides adequate incentives for Roy Cavanaugh to transition his businesses elsewhere.”

Send your message to Council by going to this City web page

Click the box “Send yourself a copy” and then please forward that message to me at so I will then be able to keep you informed of progress.


Please call me or email me if I can answer any questions.


Roy Cavanaugh


Roy Cavanaugh